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Who’s Managing Your Money?

Consider all the advertising you see on a regular basis that says, “You can do it yourself”. After 31 years of working with people and their financial affairs, we have rarely come across someone who has been completely satisfied with their results. In fact, many times there has been room for us to help them improve their financial arrangements. In effect, we are the pilot, and the client owns the plane. Unless you really know how to fly, you probably don’t want to try your hands at the controls after you have already taken off.

Business Summary

Financial Planning

We believe that comprehensive financial planning is the most important step towards achieving your long-term goals.

Private Asset Management

To help manage your assets, we have established alliances with professional money managers- both traditional and alternative. In the end, you will have a team of professional money managers working to help achieve your financial goals.


Carr Financial is dedicated to guiding you through the complex- and often-times frustrating-world of finance. We will provide you with essential knowledge, platforms, and structure that should allow you to make financial decisions with confidence. This is by far the greatest value we can add to your life-and therefore our ultimate goal in business.

Mr. Carr has 31 years of experience as a professional financial consultant.

During his career he has come to realize how human nature- specifically emotion- can undermine the principles of long-term investing. He believes one of his strengths is his ability to help clients manage their emotions during short term volatility and remain focused on their long-term goals. He is acutely aware of the responsibility in the highest regard and believes it to be the most rewarding aspect of his work.

He holds the following licenses: (Series 6), (Series 63), and (Series 65), and Life and Health Insurance.

Paul is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. (AIF®)